Sunglasses innovations

See our latest range of Chopper Sunglasses featuring the magnetic temples for secure convenient storage on your pocket, cap or shirt. Click to view Chopper Range.

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Now with colour brightness.
Our InVue range now features a colour corrected innovative polarising layer, for bright coloured vision, without the harmful UV rays. View in Vue Sunglasses.

Trends in Sunglasses
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Renowned for our range and value for money, Trio  Trading has been a specialist Sunglass Manufacturer and importer since 1988. It’s our mission to make you money, through the informed selection of marketable products, right for your location and demographic. How we make you money: click here for more.

First Lighter

The first lighter was invented in 1823 by a German chemist. It consisted of a small chamber where zinc reacts with sulphuric acid to form hydrogen gas. When a valve was opened a jet of hydrogen was released and burst into flame, when passing over  a platinum surface. See our lighter range Hydrogen Free.